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“I was surprised how easy it was to create a Booklee page for my guest house.

Now I can easily highlight the things that truly matter - our exceptional reviews, photos and multiple booking options.”

Vita Rence

Manager at Kestermuiza guest house

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Got questions?

What are link in bio pages?

Link in bio pages are web pages linked from a company’s bio on social media platforms, like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Twitter. They act as a landing page or directory of links where users can find various external links or content shared by the page owner. It overcomes the limitation of having only one clickable link and provides a centralized hub for accessing additional information or specific destinations.

Why my short term rental needs a link in bio page?

The Booklee page proves to be highly valuable when engaging in marketing activities beyond simply listing your property on OTAs like Airbnb. By directing users to your Booklee page, you can effortlessly showcase essential elements such as captivating photo galleries, authentic reviews, convenient booking options, and other pertinent information. This not only enhances the effectiveness of your direct marketing efforts but also helps convert potential guests from mere browsers into enthusiastic bookers. The Booklee page serves as a powerful tool for maximizing your marketing impact and driving successful bookings.

Why can’t I just link users to my OTA listing?

While linking straight to OTA platform offers some advantages, it’s important to consider also the drawbacks. The most apparent one is missing out on the opportunity to promote booking directly, which would save on commission fees. Additionally, OTA platforms often limit your ability to showcase all the reviews you’ve received from various channels, potentially depriving potential guests of valuable feedback. Lastly, not all users may prefer or even use the specific OTA you choose, resulting in a loss of potential customers. With a Booklee page you can provide multiple booking options.

Why can’t I just link users to my webpage?

While having a dedicated webpage can be beneficial, it’s important to consider that webpages often contain an abundance of information, which can overwhelm users and impede their ability to make quick booking decisions. Users nowadays have limited time and seek immediate access to the key information they need to make a decision within seconds. By solely directing users to a webpage, you run the risk of losing potential clients who prefer the convenience of booking exclusively through their preferred OTA platforms such as Airbnb,, or Vrbo. It’s essential to strike a balance between providing essential information quickly and catering to the preferences of users who rely on trusted OTA platforms for their bookings.

What is the cost of using Booklee service?

Booklee stands out as an exceptionally cost-effective and versatile solution for establishing an online presence for your short-term rental, Airbnb, or hotel. Its user-friendly and intuitive interface ensures a seamless experience, while its pricing, starting as low as $8.97 per month, is transparent with no hidden fees. With Booklee, you can bid farewell to the complexities of engaging IT companies or navigating intricate website builders. It provides a hassle-free experience, enabling you to focus on what matters most – managing your property and delighting your guests.

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