Passion fruit or classic mojito?

Send us a message and tell us which one you'd choose.
Open concept living, dining space with pool view and a comfy sofa bed for friends and family.
Ground level and just a few steps from pool area for your enjoyment of pool.
Situated just an 8 minute walk from all the best vibes on the island found at the local beach, shops, restaurants.
A spacious master bedroom to help you rest and relax after taking in the sights.
Stay connected and present with our open concept floor plan.
Enjoy our fully equipped kitchen perfect for preparing nourishing meals.
The spacious, open living space is a perfect place to unwind and relax during your stay.
Drift away into dreamland after a day of exploring the local restaurants, shops, and beaches.
Sit together comfortably and share your favorite parts of your trip to the Punta Cana region of the Dominican Republic.
A fully equipped kitchen for making meals that will help keep you happy and energized.
Dining and cocktail area to indulge in your favorite meals and drinks.
Guests ❤️ us, and we ❤️ love taking care of them.
Slip into your cozy queen-size bed and enjoy your favorite shows while relaxing in your home away from home.
Be the best version of yourself while getting the deepest sleep during your vacation stay.
Enjoy your favorite movies and tv shows on our 58" 4K Ultra HD TV.
Enjoy the convenience and privacy of an en suite bathroom adjacent to the master bedroom.
Everything you need/want is just a short walk from your front door.
Get energized while performing your daily morning routine.
Wind down while performing your nightly bedtime routine.
Spacious bathroom with stand up shower to help you get squeaky clean.
You'll be fully stocked with all the essentials upon arrival.
Stay connected (or not) with our high speed Internet access.
Blue skies and pool views await you in your own slice of paradise in the Dominican Republic.
Your own shaded balcony to help you soak up the island breeze.
Enjoy the pool with plenty of seating all around so you can socialize or simply relax in your own personal space.
Sit back and relax as you soak up the sun and imagine yourself in a tropical paradise. 

Congratulations, you're already here.
The view heading southeast along the beach. 

8 min walk.
Passion fruit piña colada or classic?  

Send us a message and tell us which one you'd choose.
Beach side restaurants dot the coast, and you can try a different one each day, or just find your sweet spot, and make it so the staff knows your favorite drink every time you come in. We've already achieved this life goal, and we hope you will too.
Sit in the shade under a palm tree and enjoy the ocean breeze.

8 min walk.
"Life moves pretty fast. You don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."

- Ferris Bueller
Yes. This is only an 8 minute walk from your front door.
Passion fruit is our favorite, and we'd love for you to experience it and its full, sweet, and tangy flavors.
Don't forget to look up from your phone, or you might miss some inspiring sights.  What are you waiting for?  Join us in paradise.
The best way to let all your cares fade away is to get some sand between your toes.
We have what you're looking for "if you like Piña Coladas."
Picture yourself sipping your morning coffee in the shade listening to the ocean sounds. Now make it happen.
It takes longer for the bar to prepare your favorite frozen cocktails than it does to walk to the beach where they serve them.

8 min walk
Our favorite beach side restaurant is Zoho Beach Club for its white bohemian decor and great vibes day and night.
365 Beach Club staff brings you drinks and food right to your umbrella or beach day bed.

Send us a message and tell is which one you would choose.
Breakfast at the beach right on the sand.  Let us help you get this life goal achieved.
Fun and sun always go together in the Dominican Republic, and we want you to experience it for yourself.
Enjoy your favorite frozen cocktail (or mocktail)  beach side at the local Villa Blanca Beach Club just a short walk from our front door.

10 min walk.
Zoho Beach Club at golden hour awaits you.
If only every morning routine could include coffee by the ocean. Make it happen by booking, and we'll take care of the rest.
Great vibes and entertainment are ready for you to discover at Villa Blanca Beach Club.
🏩 Guest Guide
Walk to Beach, Shops, Dining, Entertainment, Pool View, Fast Wifi
🏝️ Vacation Shop
Shop transporation, excursions, and thoughtful gifts.
🛃 Immigration Form
Here are some details you will need to complete the mandatory Dominican immigration form, also known as e-ticket (not to be confused with your plane ticket), that you are required to complete BEFORE checking in to your flight at the airport.
Street & Number
📖 What to Know
What time is check-in?
Can check in early?
Can I drop off my bags before my designated check in time?
Can check in late?
Should I rent a car if I plan to stay in the local area?
Should I rent a car if I want to go on local and remote excursions?
Should I rent a car if I want to explore remote parts of the island and make my own travel itinerary?
How should I prepare to drive in the Dominican Republic?
How do I get around if I don't rent a car?
🗺️ Directions

Edit the map block to show location

Calle Palma, Condomnio Palm Suites #G1, Bavaro, Dominican Republic
Arrival by Car or Private Taxi
Where do I park?
How do I enter complex?
Can I come and go as I please?
🚪 Entering Unit
Your PIN Code will automatically become active at your designated check-in time unless another time was communicated from us in writing.
Arriving at Palm Suites #G1
How to Operate Entryway Lock

(1) Touch the touch screen icon to activate the touch pad. (2) Type in your PIN code. (3) Press #.

How to Make Coffee Using Moka Pot
How to Clean/Prep Moka Coffee Pot
How to Operate Central AC Thermostat
Where to Dispose of Trash
🛜 Wifi Details



📺 TV Helpful Hints
We've set the TV to GUEST MODE to allow you to customize it just the way you like it with your own services and then once you leave, it goes back to its original state and erases any logins and settings you made.
How to Watch Roku TV
How to Add More Channels on Roku TV

To get more watching options including free content, you may want to try the ADD CHANNEL and add the following channels which have more movies and shows. TubiTV, PlutoTV, LocalNOW, YouTube, Live TV on Roku Channel (not the Live TV channel itself). Plus all the other services like Netflix and Hulu, but those require a subscription. The ones above are free. 🆓

Best Free TV Content on Rou TV
How to Watch Local Channels on Roku TV

Everything in this video should work, except the antennae stuff starting around the 3:28 mark. There is no antennae connected to the TV. Only Web streaming is available.

✨ Recommendations
Everything you need is just a 15 minute (or less) walk from your front door.
🍽️ Recommended Restaurants
🥐 Breakfast
🍔 Beach Side
🇩🇴 Dominican
🇲🇽 Mexican
❤️ Special Ocassions
🏧 Automated Teller Machine

This is the ONLY ATM we recommend.

Edit the map block to show location

💊 Pharmacy

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Electricity is charged separately. Payment will be requested via AirBnB app to make sure everything is documented properly for both guests and hosts.

🤔 FAQs
What time is check-out?
Can I get a late check-out?
May I have visitors?
What hours is the pool open?
What are the complex's quiet hours?
Is smoking allowed?
Is vaping allowed?
Do you have a first aid kit?
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